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Barbórka Design’s lampshades are 100% ecological.
Made of recycled paper, coated with ecological varnish
and packed into grey recycled paper and cardboard.



Do not be misled by the material we use for producing
our lampshades. Each lampshade consists of several twisted
layers of paper, which are then coated with varnish multiple
times. Thus, the final form is rather thick and entirely stiff.



We design original products that comply with contemporary
fashion trends. Shapes are simple, almost minimalist. Although natural whiteness of paper is a dominant colour, we sometimes introduce timeless classics and combine it with black – “Coffee
and Milk” or grey – as in “The Industrialist” or “Ele Mele” lampshades. We are not afraid of co
lour either.



Thanks to the use of paper, our lampshades are extremely light, both visually and in reality. They do not dominate the interior
you put them in – they just emphasize its uniqueness. Additionally, bright colours and openwork elements intensify the impression
of lightness.



We make our lampshades by ourselves, paying extra care
and attention to details. Each and every model is tested
and checked twice before we launch it for sale.


Each product is handmade on request, what makes it even
more unique and incomparable.



We know that a lamp is not only to delight but it also serves
a functional role in the interior design. Our lampshades can be
wiped clean with a damp cloth with no harm whatsoever – they
were precisely varnished. Depending on a lampshade model,
they either give a lot of light (e.g. Hoc, The Industrialist, Misia)
or disperse it delicately, creating shadow theatre on walls
and ceilings (Coffee and Milk, White Coffee).


We adjust any of our lampshades to one’s expectations.
We also design lamps on specific request, in a particular shape
and size. For instance, “Ele Mele” lamps were designed on request
as a set of over-the table-lamps suiting “The Industrialist” lamps.



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