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was created out of fascination with simple shapes, interesting
forms, natural materials and unique solutions.
It was created by Barbara Turska-Knyziak – a graphic designer
and an illustrator, an enthusiast of upcycling and sustainable
design, a vegan and a lover of nature.
It specializes in original, unique and modern lampshades
made of recycled paper.


is based on design and handicraft of beautiful and useful things
in accordance with nature. All products are made of natural
materials that undergo recycling. Paper from recycled magazines
is an exclusive material that combines high quality with future
thinking (as it can be reused). A lampshade making technique
was inspired by traditional craft of weaving.


are characterized by simple, original and economical form
as well as
natural colours emphasizing the material they were
made of.
We offer you lampshades that stand out through their
attractive shape, lightness and originality, being durable and practical
at the same time. They prevent a light bulb from shining into your eyes, at the same time providing as much light as you need.


I make all my lamps myself. First, there is an idea. Then there is a design. I have a lot of ideas, some of which I resign from or put off till
later time. Next step of my work is making a prototype. At that point everything can still be changed. The design is made better or remade,
but not always. It happens that everything is ok and the design stays the same as it was at the stage of a drawing.

I choose a proper type of paper and color. Most often I work with paper from color magazines as it has a lot of advantages: it’s of good quality, soft enough, unbreakable, lightly satin and it doesn’t loose color or turn yellow. I cut it into stripes, chose the ones in color I like the most
and make very fine tubes. Ready tubes are used for caning the shape of a lampshade.

I varnish such prototype a few times and then I hang it up. I examine the way it looks. Does anything need to be changed or improved?
What kind of light does it give? I test it.

Then there is only a photo shoot left and my lamp goes on sale. Later on, it finds its new owner.

A prototype is left in my studio. Each lamp sold by me is custom-made. Each one is unique, there are no two lamps alike. I make all of them very carefully, paying a lot of attention to details. It is important as details and the way something is made constitute product quality.

I take care of my lamps’ high quality, beauty and duration.

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